King Creek Farm
A Little Bit of History

 King Creek Farm is located in the Ware Center Historic District on Route 9 in Ware, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.    Known as the Pliny Hill Farm in the 1800’s, the land has a rich agricultural history.  In the 1900’s, a dairy farm occupied the land on both sides of Route 9.  When the highway was relocated, a tunnel was built under the road so that the cows could graze on both sides.   The tunnel still exists today.

 The Biskup family purchased the property in 2004.  Mike Biskup is the farm manager and manages the haying operations and repairs the farm equipment.  Sharon manages the antique barn and helps out with farm chores. 


 The beautiful red barn formerly functioned as a hay barn with a milking parlor in the basement, and an attached shed for heifers and chickens.  The barn still boasts a hay fork suspended on a track in the ceiling, where loose hay would be unloaded from a wagon outside, and carried across the barn to the hay mow.  Grain was stored in a small side room and dumped into the milking parlor through a trap door in the floor.  The barn is now used for Antique Barn Sales held on the weekends from May through October.